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The Planet Botanica team is comprised of both medical & homeopathic professionals (and some serious essential oils snobs) who all agree that this industry needs evidence, is ripe for the best & newest science & technology, and is ready to continue evolving the safety and efficacy of essential oils usage in every home.

Our team is ready to introduce you to améo essential oils. Join us today!

Contact: Linda Andreano, Owner

Phone: 585-530-9589




“My name is Pam Morgan and I’ve had great experiences working with Linda Andreano to learn about essential oils. For a long time, I saw Linda working with others and hearing great things about her knowledge, her classes, and her essential oils becoming the answer people found for all kinds of issues after trying everything else. I decided to finally dive in and learn. I’m finding ways to use essential oils for myself, in my home, and my husband is even using them. I got a paper cut dabbed a little Lavender oil on my finger, the bleeding stopped and the cut began to heal within a day! Linda knows a lot about toxins in products and shares her expert knowledge on how to replace those toxic products, we may use everyday, with very simple adjustments using essential oils instead. I can’t believe how easy it really is. I can actually save money while getting rid of those harmful chemicals, and I am excited to keep learning. I look forward buying more oils and referring Linda to my friends, family and neighbors.


The best part is that Linda is truly an advocate. She works hard for her community as well, and I like that I can trust her. I feel confident buying what she recommends, because she’s just as quick to let me know what NOT to buy. I know she’s looking out for my best interests, and that trust is hard to come by these days.


Thank you Linda Andreano, Planet Botanica, and améo essential oils!” ~Pam Morgan

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