About Us

Union Street Professionals is a networking group of professionals in the Rochester, NY area. We are committed to sharing referrals and best business practices with one another with the express purpose of mutual business growth.

Our core values are honesty, integrity, professionalism, and excellence.


  • Union Street Professionals meet on the first and third Thursday morning of each month. Attendance is for members or by invitation only. (Click here to request an invitation.)

    Members come prepared to share best practices, referrals and good news. As a networking and business support group, each member provides appropriate feedback and is able to ask questions for group help and consensus.

  • Member Directory

    Our members are happy to recommend one another for the outstanding work and service that they provide their customers and one another. Contact information for every member business person is included in our directory. Members may use the referral forms on each directory listing to refer new clients and customers.

    Happy networking!