Membership in Union Street Professionals is highly competitive. The membership process is outlined below.

Membership applications are available at a regular meeting, or may be obtained from the member who invites the guest.

  1. Guest/Prospective member is invited to the group by a current member.
  2. Guest/Prospective member completes and signs Membership Code of Conduct, and submits membership application to Membership Liaison.
  3. Four (4) current members who are in good standing are assigned to each prospective member to conduct interviews to be completed by the next meeting.
  4. At the meeting following the application submission date with the prospective member absent, the four (4) interviewing members will present feedback regarding the prospective members and the group will vote to admit or deny membership.
  5. Following the meeting the Membership Liaison will notify the membership applicant of the group’s decision.
  6. Upon acceptance the new member can attend the group’s next meeting.

Click here to download/print the USP membership application